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Here is everything you need to build an escape rooms from scratch
Why should you choose us
Everyday we work hard to make our clients satisfied!
Experienced ERs supplier
We create over 60 high-quality Escape Rooms for our clients. Different themes, sizes, difficulty level. Our detailed instructions will show you how to build a single room from scratch. All you have to do is to follow the script!
We know the importance of being someone who you can rely on. Therefore, we offer constant support before, during and after installation of the Escape Rooms – you are benefiting from our experience every step of the way with close to 24/7 online support.
Prop Shop
We produce spare parts for our ERs. They are simple to install, adjust and use. Don't be afraid to stay face by face with not working room.
If you struggle with any problems in your escape room business, let us know. We are open minded and experienced, and what is the most important – we know the best practices in this area. Ask us anything!


Our database consists of more than 200 scenarios. Also we can write an individual scenario for you! We are limited only by your imagination!
Order an individual script
We have over 200 scripts in our database. For our customers, we are pleased to develop a unique scenario for an Escape Room. Price is calculated individually, to order, use the form by link.

Room design

We make design for each Escape Room. You can check and change what you will get in the end.
3d design

Basic Engeneering

Layouts, Electrical Connection, Cable layout, Interior design. Our target - to provide a high quality Escape Room for best price on the market. Working documentation for an Escape Room is everything you need to build an Escape Room. Everything is well checked, and all you have to do is to follow our script and be sure it works great. All puzzles are unique for each room.
Working Documentation
We provide all needed documentation for your builders.

About us

We are specialised on creating the TurnKey Escape Rooms. We have been producing Escape Rooms for more than 5 years. 1. Over 50 built ERs in Russia 2. Over 30 built ERs all over the world 3. Worldwide shipping
Turn Key Escape Rooms
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