How much does it cost to open an Escape Room? Stages of creating a Escape Room «from scratch»
In order to answer this question, you need to understand what the costs of opening a quest are. Let’s write down the steps for creating a quest:
  1. Premises for rent
  2. Scenario quest-room
  3. Repair of welcome-zone
  4. Buying equipment, furniture, fire alarm, internet, signboard
  5. Quest interior design
  6. Order of scenery
  7. Development of props
  8. Development of electronics
  9. Purchase of furniture and items for the quest
  10. Repair of premises according to the scenario of the quest (installation of walls, flooring, painting of walls, installation of doors)
  11. Wiring 220V and 12V (for puzzles and quests)
  12. Installation of electronics (electro-locks, electronics installation)
  13. Salary (operator, accountant, cleaner)
  14. Advertising and promotion of the quest
    1. And after that you can already try to calculate the final estimate:
      1. Rental of premises for the period of construction (3-5 months). $5-$7 per sq.m. + Utilities
      2. Order the script of the quest. I advise you not to save at this stage. From the script will depend on the loading of the quest.$500-$800
      3. Repair of the common area work + materials. From $1000 to $3000
      4. Technics, furniture, cameras from $800 to $1500
      5. The design of the quest room, the plan of installation and dismantling from $500 to $1500
      6. Scenery and props $500-$1000
      7. Development of electronics (6-9 puzzles), installation in the quest $800-$2000
      8. Objects and furniture $600-$1500
      9. Repair of the quest room work + materials $2000-$3000
      10. Salary (operator, accountant, cleaner). — $500 for the first month should be enough
      11. Advertising costs $500-$1000 a month
      For a room with 1 quest 50 sq.m. $10.000-$18.000 For a room with 2 quests, 90 sq.m. $15.000-$25.000 It’s clear that many of this can be done by myself, I advise you to order the script from professionals only.
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