How to open an escape room? Business plan, scripts, ideas, franchises and other…
Fundamental rules The creators of this site do not support any of the products and services listed below, and bear no responsibility for the consequences of their use. Nevertheless, we want to see how the entertainment industry of the quests in reality developed as quickly as possible and offer advice (and links) in this article. Corrections, suggestions for improvement and other comments from the creators of the quests are especially welcomed and will be accepted with gratitude; Please send an e-mail to [email protected] If any of the below tips are harmful in your opinion, please write about it right away. Please note that this site currently has no interest in participating in the opening of the quests business to leave the room and is not available to participate in partnerships in this regard. Our service is not able to invest in any game projects of the querums and is not in a position to help you with the search for investors. At the time of publication, our service does not know everyone who wants to invest in projects to leave the room. We enjoy the development of the quests industry in Russia and are glad that our service helps the creators of quests, as well as people who are interested in creating electronics and other things for quests. The creators of this service do not represent any of the quests — and, at the time of publication, do not have any work experience in either of them. Accordingly, this guide does not give any advice, being the main one on the first hand experience data; This is much more, the result of observation and the concentration of pomace knowledge than the consultation. We strongly recommend contacting directly with the creators of quests from large and small rooms to see their perspectives and experience much more useful than any advice that we can give you. It should be easy — to find relevant contact information on specific sites or groups on social networks. Nevertheless, the creators of the quests are very busy people; Sometimes their business quests take a lot of time from them, that they do not have time to answer you. The tips below may help a little, if the creators of the quests themselves do not find the time for it. Some creators of the quests suggested that they may be willing to offer mentoring or other advice; At the same time there is no guarantee that these proposals will continue to be open (especially if they are popular …) the service will be happy to provide a platform between potential industry participants and potential mentors. How much will it cost to open my quest room? Opening the business of quests in reality, you always need to have a certain amount of money. Business quests in reality are more expensive than in some other industries, but cheaper than in many industries. As a very rude example, we believe that for 1 quest you need to spend about the cost of a new car, so that your quest starts working. This is a very vague example; While you can buy a new car for less than 300,000 rubles, everyone will understand that you have chosen a cheap option. There is nothing wrong with the car’s economical cost, but you will not find a lot of good taxis on cheap cars. They do not have enough premium. The approximate cost of the most popular new cars can be a reasonable starting point for consideration — and, as tempting and unnoticed, you can add to it light alloy wheels, metallic paint and parking sensor for several tens of thousands of rubles time, and in your quest room you can add quite Justified gadgets and features. In addition, we should expect that in the first months of the opening, it is very likely that the quest will not be able to cover the current operating costs. The creator of the quest, who managed to obtain income equivalent to one hundred teams that paid the full cost of the quest for a month, within three months, is much better than the majority. (For some, this was much faster, especially in Moscow, but many quests will take much longer than 3 months, even with other strong signs of success.) At a minimum, when you consider the cost of building a quest for a room, the points in your estimate most likely include labor costs (construction, it is possible, including the foreman and surveyor, as well as the builders themselves), construction materials, electricians , Rent, water, electricity bills, property deposit, electronics, staff costs (not only salaries, but also taxes, pension contributions), accounting, buying all puzzles and furniture that have duplicates at hand so that they can be Would be Straw replace in case of breakage. Required special budget on marketing, especially if you are promoting your quest in a highly competitive market. In addition, you need to raise the question of whether you have the necessary skills and personal qualities to become the creator of the quests. Play the quests in reality is a necessary condition, but
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