Save the confidential database
You are in declassified secret apartment of FBI agent Adam Smith who has been a spy under cover already for 9 years. He managed to have a confidential database of all financial transactions in Russia on the world scene and to endanger our national security. But not everything is lost – this base hasn`t been transferred to headquarters of FBI yet, and you shall prevent it! So can you find and remove this information within 60 minutes?
Fix the plane and escape the deadly zone
The Vietnam War. Heavy fighting for Danang. American seaplane bomber Coronado discovered the hidden air defense squadron on the coast, but it was shot down. Having made an emergency landing, the crew ordered the saturation bombing of the area, and promptly left the enemy sector, leaving the broken plane behind. You are a group of the Soviet military specialists, who managed to intercept a message about the bombing, which begins after one hour. You need to urgently leave this square. And the only way to do it fast is to fix the American plane.
Become the hero for the universe
The inter-dimensional gateway opens every five thousand years and the forces of darkness attempt to penetrate our reality to destroy it. The Earth will stop existing in 60 minutes. The Universe needs heroes capable of fighting the evil. You are the only ones to stop the Earth and the mankind. In order to win, you must collect four elements and put them together with the mysterious fifth element…
Difficulty level: hard
In 1944, the Third Reich hid its most prized treasures somewhere deep in the ground. So that they would always know where to find the treasure, the Reich left some hints for the Commander-in-Chief. Fortunately, he was not able to use them — and it is your luck that you can follow the instructions. Are you afraid of passing through ancient catacombs filled with bones? If you will solve the pagan settlers' riddles you will find the treasure hidden by the Germans officers.
Prevent the ancient ritual
The struggle between vampires and people is as old as the world itself, but it seems that the balance of powers will soon be destroyed. The decisive battle is coming up, and you will have to play the key role in it as a vampire hunter. The enemy is preparing an ancient ritual of bringing a primal vampire, a horrible monster who once the initial reason for the standoff, back to life. The dreadful event is about to take place, but you are still able to prevent it!
Prove that you are professionals, save the city
You are a group of experts on opening locks. Today you've received an unexpected, but rather routine task. A door in the Cold War shelter jammed. Major Letov met you at the reserve entrance to the bunker, instructed, and locked for safety. It is still a military facility. Everything went according to the plan, but while you were busy with the repair, everything on the surface suddenly began to fall into mold and white honey. There was a pure horror and moral terror on the streets, zombies wander around as the entire divisions. The city will be completely destroyed after one hour, only you can rescue the city!
Chicago, the 20s
Chicago, 20's, Prohibition. Mafia clans divide the city. You are members of one of these gangs, now catched by powerful mob family of Don Iscapone. So, the cement shoes are ready for you, Don Iscapone love to watch the bubbles over the Chicago river…
Discover what is wrong with the house
You were travelling in the mountains of Andorra, when suddenly a snow storm hit you. Your chances for survival seemed slim, but suddenly you saw an abandoned hut in front of you. But as soon as the door closed behind you, avalanche descended, and the door was blocked with snow. You can't wait the storm out in the hut, and there is not enough fuel in the generator, so it will only last for one hour. You have to repair an old radio and to call for rescue as soon as possible. But in some time you come to an awful understanding: there is something wrong with this house, and awful things are happening in it!
Explore the mystery cave
You are fearless archeologists, and a quest for an Indian fertility amulet that your old tutor was looking for so long, brought you to the entrance to an ancient cave. The artifact is hidden somewhere among its treasures. But only the worthy can find it, and only when the light of the Moon shines on the sacred altar. You have only one hour! It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
Hard quest, realistic, for 2-3 players
It is not a simple task to record your own album, especially if it is your first experience and you have only one hour for it. But you have a team of friends, who are eager to help you! You will succeed only if you collaborate with others. Will you manage it?
Turtle power!
You are — a team of four brave Samurai frogs, living in the old drainage under the city of Moscow. Your archenemy, criminal mastermind Cheezit, plans to take over the city. Hurry up! Use your martial skills and wit to get out of the blocked collectors and destroy the evil plans.
For 2 teams
This is a new type of quest — confrontation! A team game where you fight not with a timer but with each other. You will feel yourself to be a real Olympic athlete (although without any physical exertion). The prize for victory — the title of champion!