Escape from the virtual reality
Escape Room Story: Welcome to the real world! Here mankind has been subjugated by the machines for a long time and reality is nothing but a program. An error occurs in the algorithm and you find yourself in an unusual, and precarious, section of the code. In an hour the computer will erase it and you will disappear. Will you be able to overcome artificial intelligence and escape from the virtual reality?
Strictly 18+!
An industrial town: here, while the factories run, people are quietly going missing. One after another. Leaving no trace. The rumor is that a maniac is on the loose, but the police are powerless to stop him. One day you wake up and feel cold and you are certainly not in your room — it looks more like a meat locker or a basement. Wait, is it a dream? The room is full of peculiar garbage and newspaper clippings. Your suspicions turn out to be well-founded — you have been kidnapped! Get out of here as fast as possible, before the maniac returns!
Fix the ship and reach the destination safe
Who expected that a planned flight to Aldebaran could be a fatal one? You were planning to sleep in anabiosis for a while, but this time you have no time to relax. A strange form of life is found onboard and will block all the utilities in 60 minutes. Use your time to fix the space ship and reach the point of destination in safe.
Difficult quest
You are part of a group of explorers, and your hunger for adventure has brought you to the laboratory of the photographer of the Imaginarium. He has created a mechanism that, with the flash of a photograph, eliminates bad memories. During the process of developing his invention, the photographer tested it on himself — until he went mad from overdoing his experiments. You must stop the mechanism as fast as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting something that is infinitely precious to you.
Dark Middle Ages
The dark Middle Age is the time of witches and black magicians. The inquisitors of the Holy Church are fighting for the lives and souls of ordinary mortals. But man is weak, and even the most devoted followers of the Church might yield to temptation. Who is going to win, demons or people? It all depends on you.
Fairytale adventure
I have learned, oh you wisest of the wise, that in Baghdad there lives a malicious alchemist named Ali ibn Abu Bakr who owns a magic lamp. For years and years the alchemist struggled to get a genie out of the lamp and compel the whole world to his will with the genie's help, but all in vain. They say Ali has met a vagrant dervish at the market today and the latter finally disclosed the lamp's secret to him! The alchemist is still squandering around the market replenishing his supplies of magic powders, but he will be heading home soon. Hurry up! It will not be easy to overcome all the magic and mechanic hurdles on the way to the lamp, but the fate of the entire world depends on it…
Age limitation: strictly 16+
The door has closed behind your back and your adventure has begun. You are in an insane maniac's lair and your life is now in his hands. He has a clear intention to annihilate you using the most barbaric methods. That is why you'd better try avoiding this fate by making your way out of the bloody traps, each one turning out to be more sophisticated than the previous one. Believe us, it is going to be tough.
Strictly 16+
It is raining again ... that damned rain pours every day. For the second week the maniac keeps the entire city at bay, and hell, no one any idea what to do with it. This psycho kills the girls one by one. Every damn day. He is definitely somewhere nearby, but the main question: "Who is it? Who will be the next victim?". The trace is still warm. We need to hurry up, otherwise the hunters will become the trophy.
Hard quest
There was SOS and only you can save this city from destruction and stop the enemies. For this you need to get into the secrete shelter of the Dark Knight, he needs your help! Act quickly, you have just one hour.
Escape before you are tortured to death
You are a digging team. While digging under the streets of a city you accidently find an underground path. As adventure seekers you cannot resist the temptation and follow this new path. The tunnel turns out to not at all be what you expected. The people you meet are from the past. They believe that you are demons and lock you in a dungeon. Your task is to find a way out before they torture you to death.
Prove that you the chosen ones
Congratulations, you have been chosen! The aliens have been looking over the Earth and making selection among people for a long time. The space selectors are only interested in the chosen ones that have certain biological parameters. And you are one of them! Try to feel lucky, because the other representatives of our race are about to be destroyed and replaced by a better species that will be created with your help. That is why you have been abducted to an alien base. Stop the aliens and don't let the humanity die. Prove that you are really the chosen ones.
Very difficult quest
At the turn of the twentieth century, mankind lost the spiritual dimension. Wars, diseases and famine befell the planet and the world sank into darkness… According to an ancient Tibetan prophecy, the root of all evil is the magic Ball of Piece having been stolen from a secret Shaolin Monastery. Chinese Triad leaders captured the artifact, and a team of the strongest, most skillful and wise fighters set out on a search for it. The team managed to kill the Triad head and to intercept the ball after searching for a long time. What is left to do is to bring it back where it belongs. You will have exactly 60 minutes to pass all the proof tests and escape the bloody revenge of the Triad following into your footsteps!