Prove that you the chosen ones
Congratulations, you have been chosen! The aliens have been looking over the Earth and making selection among people for a long time. The space selectors are only interested in the chosen ones that have certain biological parameters. And you are one of them! Try to feel lucky, because the other representatives of our race are about to be destroyed and replaced by a better species that will be created with your help. That is why you have been abducted to an alien base. Stop the aliens and don't let the humanity die. Prove that you are really the chosen ones.
Very difficult quest
At the turn of the twentieth century, mankind lost the spiritual dimension. Wars, diseases and famine befell the planet and the world sank into darkness… According to an ancient Tibetan prophecy, the root of all evil is the magic Ball of Piece having been stolen from a secret Shaolin Monastery. Chinese Triad leaders captured the artifact, and a team of the strongest, most skillful and wise fighters set out on a search for it. The team managed to kill the Triad head and to intercept the ball after searching for a long time. What is left to do is to bring it back where it belongs. You will have exactly 60 minutes to pass all the proof tests and escape the bloody revenge of the Triad following into your footsteps!
Find the stolen diamond
Suddenly $50mln diamond has disappeared. There is no evidence, and a suspect keeps silence. Diamond has been stolen so clearly, that you can`t find any evidence! In an hour a suspect will be free without any evidence, and the world will never know the secret of the Ideal Robbery. But here`s the time when you, private detectives, appear, so try to find out what`s the trick!
Survive on the sinking ship
The cruise liner is slowly sinking down somewhere in the middle of the cold ocean waters. The Captain of the ship has lost his hope to survive and committed suicide. However, he has left some directions that will help you to survive.
Investigate the complicated case
The time of cynical men and gorgeous women, complicated intrigues and bold robberies. Your detective agency hired you to investigate a new case without drawing attention. The trace of the criminals leads to the local hotel. Be careful: bent cops, a cold-blooded scallywag, and a femme fatale are also in this game. Will the criminals get the spoils of the robbery, or will they come back to their owner? It all depends on you.
Realistic pirate adventure
There is a rumour that the pirate name Blackbeard entered into the deal with the devil to hide all his treasures. He secured all doors and chests on the ship with spells and cunning devices. Now, while «Queen Anne's Revenge» stands on the pier in Tortuga, there is a great chance to get on the ship during the guard rotation. Thugs from the crew can return to the ship at any moment, but our people had promised to detain them in the inn for exactly one hour. The treasures are worth the risk!
Stop the epidemics, save the mankind
In the not so distant future a viral epidemics puts human civilization at risk of extinction. To save the mankind, a group of enthusiastic scientists has to find a trial vaccine in an uncared laboratory.
Save the confidential database
You are in declassified secret apartment of FBI agent Adam Smith who has been a spy under cover already for 9 years. He managed to have a confidential database of all financial transactions in Russia on the world scene and to endanger our national security. But not everything is lost – this base hasn`t been transferred to headquarters of FBI yet, and you shall prevent it! So can you find and remove this information within 60 minutes?
Easy quest
You are the students at the Wizard School. You were studying there for a reason, now it is time to use your skills in practice. Dark times have come, a secret prediction is about to come true, and Dark Lord is already dreaming about killing you and dip all the world into the dark. So help Harry to win the Dark Lord, and also let the glory win! Remember- you have only 60 minutes. Or you will have to live your life by hold of the evil.
What should you do?
You are a team of volunteers and you need to deliver some products to a genial, but insane scientist. He lives alone outside of the city and tries to establish connection with the representatives of other civilizations. However, you cannot find the master of the house and it seems like here is someone else. An alien. And he is obviously hostile. Now you need to decide what to do and how to open the door.
Discover what is wrong here
Searching for the treasure in a boreal forest, you came across with a decayed frame. The house looks residential, mysterious lights are going out of the windows, but when you look on it you start to feel uncomfortable. But still something forces you to step over a doorstep and to enter inside.
Maniac's lair
Congratulations! The maniac that you have just met loves fresh victims, that`s why he`s keeping them in the refrigerator. Oh yes, you are the victims, and the refrigerator can become your freezing grave if you won`t have time to get out before the maniac comes back. Or before you become frozen here. You have 60 freezing minutes to stay alive!