Strictly 16+
It is raining again ... that damned rain pours every day. For the second week the maniac keeps the entire city at bay, and hell, no one any idea what to do with it. This psycho kills the girls one by one. Every damn day. He is definitely somewhere nearby, but the main question: "Who is it? Who will be the next victim?". The trace is still warm. We need to hurry up, otherwise the hunters will become the trophy.
Hard quest
There was SOS and only you can save this city from destruction and stop the enemies. For this you need to get into the secrete shelter of the Dark Knight, he needs your help! Act quickly, you have just one hour.
Find the stolen diamond
Suddenly $50mln diamond has disappeared. There is no evidence, and a suspect keeps silence. Diamond has been stolen so clearly, that you can`t find any evidence! In an hour a suspect will be free without any evidence, and the world will never know the secret of the Ideal Robbery. But here`s the time when you, private detectives, appear, so try to find out what`s the trick!
Investigate the complicated case
The time of cynical men and gorgeous women, complicated intrigues and bold robberies. Your detective agency hired you to investigate a new case without drawing attention. The trace of the criminals leads to the local hotel. Be careful: bent cops, a cold-blooded scallywag, and a femme fatale are also in this game. Will the criminals get the spoils of the robbery, or will they come back to their owner? It all depends on you.
Realistic pirate adventure
There is a rumour that the pirate name Blackbeard entered into the deal with the devil to hide all his treasures. He secured all doors and chests on the ship with spells and cunning devices. Now, while «Queen Anne's Revenge» stands on the pier in Tortuga, there is a great chance to get on the ship during the guard rotation. Thugs from the crew can return to the ship at any moment, but our people had promised to detain them in the inn for exactly one hour. The treasures are worth the risk!
Steal the secret of Visconti's success
Some people do not trust their secrets no paper, no computers, let alone other people. Mario Visconti is just one of them. To steal the secret of his success, it is necessary to get through a dream in his subconsciousness. However, this is not an easy task. Visconti is able to build a defense. He will actively resist and stand in your way all sorts of obstacles and puzzles. If an hour not get out of this labyrinth, you will remain forever wander in the subconscious of another person.
Save the confidential database
You are in declassified secret apartment of FBI agent Adam Smith who has been a spy under cover already for 9 years. He managed to have a confidential database of all financial transactions in Russia on the world scene and to endanger our national security. But not everything is lost – this base hasn`t been transferred to headquarters of FBI yet, and you shall prevent it! So can you find and remove this information within 60 minutes?
Very realistic
The year is 1979. You are being held in a KGB detention facility. You are accused of treason and there is no hope for appeal. In an hour you will be executed. However, you still have a chance to save yourself. The careless guard who is supposed to look after you has left his watch. What will you do: wait patiently for your fate or run for your life?
Stop the occult ritual
Together with a group of researchers you enter the mysterious Wolfstein bunker. You are the first people to see it in over seventy years. In 1943 Anenerbe, the occult division of SS performed here a ritual to secure world domination of the Third Reich. But the experiment got out of control, and the time in the bunker was frozen. Your task is to find and assemble an ancient artifact that can stop the ritual. Otherwise you will be thrown back to 1943, and God only knows what will emerge from the bunker in our timeline…
Strictly 18+
Your FBI colleagues have disappeared while on an operational mission at psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter's house. The rumor has it that there is something more about the doctor and your friends might have become a zesty appetizer for the cannibal maniac. You are a group of special agents daring enough to be delegated to rescue the team. But you cannot even imagine what awaits you inside this sinister house… You will need ultimate courage and will to survive, keep sane and find a way to escape.
Strictly 18+
Saint Luke's asylum is infamous for its cruel treatment of patients and experimental practices. You are — experienced psychiatrists sent here on a business trip. But as soon as you cross the threshold of the asylum, the world turns upside down, and the border between sanity and madness disappears. Can you escape the asylum and stay in the right mind?
Fantastic and high-tech adventure in the near future
It is the year 2020. In the place where an alien spaceship crashed, a mysterious artifact was found — Tesseract. For several years the best minds of mankind studied its features, but one critical experiment ended in failure — Tesseract began to absorb energy around itself, and no one has been able to stop the process. Scientists are preparing to destroy the artifact in order to save the planet. But special services have other plans. They have hired you to steal the artifact from its laboratory in one hour before the lab self-destructs.