Difficulty level: hard
In 1944, the Third Reich hid its most prized treasures somewhere deep in the ground. So that they would always know where to find the treasure, the Reich left some hints for the Commander-in-Chief. Fortunately, he was not able to use them — and it is your luck that you can follow the instructions. Are you afraid of passing through ancient catacombs filled with bones? If you will solve the pagan settlers' riddles you will find the treasure hidden by the Germans officers.
Very realistic
You have been waiting for it for so long, and now your aim is near. You are in the legendary underground halls of Vatican, in the headquarters of the ancient order of the Epiphanians. They have been fighting evil and keeping peace for centuries, and it is a great honour to become one of them. There is only one test left – a test of purity of your thoughts and soul and your readiness for any hardships. Will you become a servant of good?
Neutralize the source of magnetic radiation
It seems we were able to establish the cause of increased magnetic activity in one of the halls of the local cinema. During the investigation it became known that there is a powerful source of magnetic radiation in the projection room. Prime suspect is the projectionist. Authorities are monitoring him for a long time already: he is registered in the psychiatric clinic and at moments of acute fancies considers himself a Sith, a follower of the great Darth Vader. You can expect anything from such person. It is time for you to go on the operational mission. But be careful, remaining in the zone of intense radiation over an hour is very dangerous! So it is necessary to neutralize the source as soon as possible.
Finish the legendary experiment
The confidential discovery which was made by scientists of the Soviet laboratory in the 90s generated many questions which have still no answers on it. The experiment was close to be accomplished untill the western intelligence services interfere. 20 years have passed, and today you have a chance to lift a veil of mystery, recover laboratory and finish the experiment. Can you accomplish the thing that the most ingenious minds of our mankind worked at within an hour?
Investigate it!
Your editorial assignment is to investigate a high-profile crime. Ten dead bodies were discovered on a tiny island, but not a single living soul. You will have to find out what happened, and why there were no survivors. But hurry! You have one hour before low tide, otherwise you will be left on this eerie island for the night. It seems the murderer is still out there. Who knows, maybe you are the next victim of his killing spree…
Chicago, the 20s
Chicago, 20's, Prohibition. Mafia clans divide the city. You are members of one of these gangs, now catched by powerful mob family of Don Iscapone. So, the cement shoes are ready for you, Don Iscapone love to watch the bubbles over the Chicago river…
Hard and very realistic quest
Submarine Escape Room for sale! Byy scenario or ask for Turnkey Escape Room. Legend: A team of brave deep-sea adventurers sets out to explore ocean depths in an old submarine. Alas, encountering a giant kraken took its toll — the vessel sustained damage. You need to fix the submarine and emerge at the surface before oxygen runs out.
Turtle power!
You are — a team of four brave Samurai frogs, living in the old drainage under the city of Moscow. Your archenemy, criminal mastermind Cheezit, plans to take over the city. Hurry up! Use your martial skills and wit to get out of the blocked collectors and destroy the evil plans.
Very realistic simple quest
Evil mastermind Fantomas has been terrorizing the whole Europe for several years. But this time it is too much! He kidnapped Professor Le Shchwab, the discoverer of a method that allows to control people's minds with electromagnetic waves. There is no doubt that the masked villain wants to create a weapon to bend people to his will. If we don't stop him now, he'll be the ruler of the world! Your mission is to sneak into Fantomas' underground hiding place and to destroy his plans.
Stop Moriarty
The evil genius of Professor Moriarty never sleeps. He created a death machine to take over the world and plans to test it in London. You have to help Sherlock Holmes stop him. The great detective managed to lure professor out of his house, but the machine is already on, and in one hour the city will be destroyed. Will you be able to prevent it?
Sherlock's absence coincided with a string of vicious crimes. London police has once again proved incompetent, with Scotland Yard looking to pin all on an innocent man to be done with it. Hurry! The man will be lynched unless you discover the true killer's identity and the crime scene.
USA, end of 1945. Within the state secret Manhattan project the nuclear weapon was created, and the world hasn t seen anything equal before. Consequences of its application are irreversible and make the future existence on our planet debatable. If only you don't get the secret documents and wont let cruel plans of Americans come true. To save the world in 60 minutes – your task for today.