Difficult quest
You are part of a group of explorers, and your hunger for adventure has brought you to the laboratory of the photographer of the Imaginarium. He has created a mechanism that, with the flash of a photograph, eliminates bad memories. During the process of developing his invention, the photographer tested it on himself — until he went mad from overdoing his experiments. You must stop the mechanism as fast as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting something that is infinitely precious to you.
What should you do?
You are a team of volunteers and you need to deliver some products to a genial, but insane scientist. He lives alone outside of the city and tries to establish connection with the representatives of other civilizations. However, you cannot find the master of the house and it seems like here is someone else. An alien. And he is obviously hostile. Now you need to decide what to do and how to open the door.
BANANA!! Save the Earth
Minions, naive assistants of a despicable villain, have invented a neutron reductor to help their master commit the greatest mischief in the world — to reduce the Sun. They have no idea that the whole planet could die of cold because of that. The only hope of the Earth is you — the best agents of the Anti-Villain League! Take control over the reducer and restore the Sun in its normal size.
Hard quest, realistic, for 2-3 players
It is not a simple task to record your own album, especially if it is your first experience and you have only one hour for it. But you have a team of friends, who are eager to help you! You will succeed only if you collaborate with others. Will you manage it?
Turtle power!
You are — a team of four brave Samurai frogs, living in the old drainage under the city of Moscow. Your archenemy, criminal mastermind Cheezit, plans to take over the city. Hurry up! Use your martial skills and wit to get out of the blocked collectors and destroy the evil plans.
Are you afraid of clowns?
You've got an anonymous invitation for the circus show, but have you ever thought that you would participate in this show? Three foxy clowns, who became tired of entertaining ungrateful audience, decided to entertain themselves and lured you into a trap. Try to get out of the abandoned business area of the circus before the light turns off and no one would ever remember about you.
Don't let anyone spoil your vacation
You are about to go on vacation that you've been waiting for so long. Looking at your ticket to paradise, you feel like a wild bird in a cage. Bad luck! You've been accidently locked in the travel agency's office. Now you have to get out before your travel package expires.
Difficult adventure in the land of the Simpsons
Welcome to Springfield, an American town, which has been living its quiet life till today. Let's start from the very beginning when all inhabitants suddenly disappeared and all electronic devices went mad. It looks like the famous family of Bart and Marge has taken part in this dementation. Go to this town in order to make everything calm.
Rediscover life colours
Did you lose the sense of life? Are the colors pale around you? Do you feel the lack of energy? We would like to present you the new unique method of depression treatment! You will feel much better after just one session in the White Room and your life will be colorful again.
Save Christmas
Turnes out, you work in a real Christmas tale as an assistant of Santa. But everything is not as happy as it seems: postcards haven`t been sent yet, presents are not ready and Christmas party is under a threat! The house of Santa is suddenly empty, and the host has disappeared. You and your team of elves is the last hope. Try to find out, who is going to spoil the holiday and prevent it untill the midnight comes.