Dark Middle Ages
The dark Middle Age is the time of witches and black magicians. The inquisitors of the Holy Church are fighting for the lives and souls of ordinary mortals. But man is weak, and even the most devoted followers of the Church might yield to temptation. Who is going to win, demons or people? It all depends on you.
Escape before you are tortured to death
You are a digging team. While digging under the streets of a city you accidently find an underground path. As adventure seekers you cannot resist the temptation and follow this new path. The tunnel turns out to not at all be what you expected. The people you meet are from the past. They believe that you are demons and lock you in a dungeon. Your task is to find a way out before they torture you to death.
Very difficult quest
At the turn of the twentieth century, mankind lost the spiritual dimension. Wars, diseases and famine befell the planet and the world sank into darkness… According to an ancient Tibetan prophecy, the root of all evil is the magic Ball of Piece having been stolen from a secret Shaolin Monastery. Chinese Triad leaders captured the artifact, and a team of the strongest, most skillful and wise fighters set out on a search for it. The team managed to kill the Triad head and to intercept the ball after searching for a long time. What is left to do is to bring it back where it belongs. You will have exactly 60 minutes to pass all the proof tests and escape the bloody revenge of the Triad following into your footsteps!
Realistic pirate adventure
There is a rumour that the pirate name Blackbeard entered into the deal with the devil to hide all his treasures. He secured all doors and chests on the ship with spells and cunning devices. Now, while «Queen Anne's Revenge» stands on the pier in Tortuga, there is a great chance to get on the ship during the guard rotation. Thugs from the crew can return to the ship at any moment, but our people had promised to detain them in the inn for exactly one hour. The treasures are worth the risk!
Very realistic
The year is 1979. You are being held in a KGB detention facility. You are accused of treason and there is no hope for appeal. In an hour you will be executed. However, you still have a chance to save yourself. The careless guard who is supposed to look after you has left his watch. What will you do: wait patiently for your fate or run for your life?
Very realistic
You searched dozens of museums around the world have studied hundreds of paintings, murals and manuscripts of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, the day has come. You have deciphered the code of da Vinci and know where the Holy Grail is hidden. All the evidence pointed to a small house museum of Leonardo in the Vatican. For your shadow followed by agents of the mysterious organization «Opus Dei». Do you have time to unravel the mysteries of the great inventor, and to find the Grail before they get to you?
Return the hammer to the true owner
Once upon a time your father, the greatest earl Gunnar, was lost in the sea. After ten years he came back with the stolen hammer of Thor, which belonged to the gods. Now they are forceless and lose the war with the giants. It would lead to the end of the world. Your tribe is not glad and will recognize you as konungs, only if you will return the magic artifact. You will have to find the hammer in the damned by gods house of Gunnar and return it to Thor. But hurry up, the giants are already near the walls of Valhalla.
Stop the occult ritual
Together with a group of researchers you enter the mysterious Wolfstein bunker. You are the first people to see it in over seventy years. In 1943 Anenerbe, the occult division of SS performed here a ritual to secure world domination of the Third Reich. But the experiment got out of control, and the time in the bunker was frozen. Your task is to find and assemble an ancient artifact that can stop the ritual. Otherwise you will be thrown back to 1943, and God only knows what will emerge from the bunker in our timeline…
Solve the riddles and get that gold
You are gold miners. While searching for ancient artifacts and treasures, you have come across a Scythian king's tomb. Over many centuries, treasure hunters have tried to plunder the tomb, but, for some secret reason, no one has managed to get out alive. You have 60 minutes to solve the nomads' mysteries, to find the gold without succumbing to the fate of the treasure hunters before you.
Very realistic
You have been waiting for it for so long, and now your aim is near. You are in the legendary underground halls of Vatican, in the headquarters of the ancient order of the Epiphanians. They have been fighting evil and keeping peace for centuries, and it is a great honour to become one of them. There is only one test left – a test of purity of your thoughts and soul and your readiness for any hardships. Will you become a servant of good?
Save you friend from the execution
It is the beginning of the 20th century, and the Russian-Japanese War is in full swing, but so are the intrigues at the Imperial court. Your friend and tutor officer Kozuto was falsely accused of treason and will be executed in the morning. Being a man of honour, he cannot prove his alibi. Reportedly, the case was fabricated by the military minister and you will have to break into his study to save your friend.
Very realistic
We are the slaves, sentenced to death in Rome. After one hour we will be forced to go to the arena and fight deadly predators. You need to run. Moreover, you have to organize the rebellion. Do you have the skills to get the task done?