Difficult quest
You are part of a group of explorers, and your hunger for adventure has brought you to the laboratory of the photographer of the Imaginarium. He has created a mechanism that, with the flash of a photograph, eliminates bad memories. During the process of developing his invention, the photographer tested it on himself — until he went mad from overdoing his experiments. You must stop the mechanism as fast as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting something that is infinitely precious to you.
Hard quest
There was SOS and only you can save this city from destruction and stop the enemies. For this you need to get into the secrete shelter of the Dark Knight, he needs your help! Act quickly, you have just one hour.
Survive on the sinking ship
The cruise liner is slowly sinking down somewhere in the middle of the cold ocean waters. The Captain of the ship has lost his hope to survive and committed suicide. However, he has left some directions that will help you to survive.
Adventure in the Middle-earth
So, you are guest at hobbit`s in his tiny cozy place. But a host is not with you, and you will not be able to leave his apartments without magic. They tell that evil forces are moving closer to the boundaries of The Shire from the East, and in an hour they will reach you. The door is locked by a magic spell, but the power of the ring will help you to escape.
Stop the epidemics, save the mankind
In the not so distant future a viral epidemics puts human civilization at risk of extinction. To save the mankind, a group of enthusiastic scientists has to find a trial vaccine in an uncared laboratory.
Save the confidential database
You are in declassified secret apartment of FBI agent Adam Smith who has been a spy under cover already for 9 years. He managed to have a confidential database of all financial transactions in Russia on the world scene and to endanger our national security. But not everything is lost – this base hasn`t been transferred to headquarters of FBI yet, and you shall prevent it! So can you find and remove this information within 60 minutes?
Easy quest
You are the students at the Wizard School. You were studying there for a reason, now it is time to use your skills in practice. Dark times have come, a secret prediction is about to come true, and Dark Lord is already dreaming about killing you and dip all the world into the dark. So help Harry to win the Dark Lord, and also let the glory win! Remember- you have only 60 minutes. Or you will have to live your life by hold of the evil.
Become a part of the pirate crew
You dropped into a tavern to have a glass of wine and jest with your friends, but suddenly your ear caught a talk next table. It turned out that a ship with black sails had arrived at the harbor and its captain was hiring seamen to sail onboard the legendary vessel. Are you worth being part of the Black Pearl crew? Try passing the test!
Find the powerful weapon and stop the villain
Dark times have set upon Hogwarts. Death Eaters are storming the castle walls. You, the top students of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, are the ones to repel the assault. As the legend says, Godric Gryffindor hid a powerful weapon able to stop any villain somewhere in the common room. Find it and save the grandest School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Hurry up: the protective magic of the fortress will hardly last longer than for another hour!
Return the hammer to the true owner
Once upon a time your father, the greatest earl Gunnar, was lost in the sea. After ten years he came back with the stolen hammer of Thor, which belonged to the gods. Now they are forceless and lose the war with the giants. It would lead to the end of the world. Your tribe is not glad and will recognize you as konungs, only if you will return the magic artifact. You will have to find the hammer in the damned by gods house of Gunnar and return it to Thor. But hurry up, the giants are already near the walls of Valhalla.
Find a way out, escape the candy-house
Everything is so nice. You are walking in a forest, enjoying the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet; the sunlight through the trees; the leaping rabbits… Anyone would lose track of time. You have lost the way and, in the middle of nowhere, you find a candied house. The sun is setting, the animals around you are whispering as if they know that something is wrong, and the forest doesn't look so friendly anymore. You enter the candied house, which belongs to a human-eating witch, but it is too late — the doors have shut strongly behind you. The witch will be back home soon, it might be a good idea to find a way out…
BANANA!! Save the Earth
Minions, naive assistants of a despicable villain, have invented a neutron reductor to help their master commit the greatest mischief in the world — to reduce the Sun. They have no idea that the whole planet could die of cold because of that. The only hope of the Earth is you — the best agents of the Anti-Villain League! Take control over the reducer and restore the Sun in its normal size.