Discover what is wrong here
Searching for the treasure in a boreal forest, you came across with a decayed frame. The house looks residential, mysterious lights are going out of the windows, but when you look on it you start to feel uncomfortable. But still something forces you to step over a doorstep and to enter inside.
Strictly 16+
This is an average loft in your city that was a perfect place for building a quest. Some people say that visitors disappear here, but this is just gossip spread by our competitors. Well, not for long! Soon Khorne will give us power, and we will punish them for their lies. More blood for the Blood God, more sculls fot the Scull Throne! When the Demons of the Warp, come through the Eye of Terror, this whole foul will crack as a crust of puss on the countless wounds og Nurgle, the Great Lord of Decay.
Very realistic
You searched dozens of museums around the world have studied hundreds of paintings, murals and manuscripts of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, the day has come. You have deciphered the code of da Vinci and know where the Holy Grail is hidden. All the evidence pointed to a small house museum of Leonardo in the Vatican. For your shadow followed by agents of the mysterious organization «Opus Dei». Do you have time to unravel the mysteries of the great inventor, and to find the Grail before they get to you?
Investigate it and calm down the spirit
Neither low cost of the rent, nor the strange appearance of the host did not alert the three poor students, for whom this mysterious apartment on the top floor of this old house has become the final resting place. These girls disappeared without a trace, along with the suspicious owner. You, the group of skilled psychics, came to investigate this incident. It immediately becomes clear that the ghosts of three girls, accompanied by the ancient immaterial substance, inhabit the apartment. The monster eats their energy! You have an hour to find here the artifact that can pacify the angry spirit.
Stop the occult ritual
Together with a group of researchers you enter the mysterious Wolfstein bunker. You are the first people to see it in over seventy years. In 1943 Anenerbe, the occult division of SS performed here a ritual to secure world domination of the Third Reich. But the experiment got out of control, and the time in the bunker was frozen. Your task is to find and assemble an ancient artifact that can stop the ritual. Otherwise you will be thrown back to 1943, and God only knows what will emerge from the bunker in our timeline…
Very realistic
You have been waiting for it for so long, and now your aim is near. You are in the legendary underground halls of Vatican, in the headquarters of the ancient order of the Epiphanians. They have been fighting evil and keeping peace for centuries, and it is a great honour to become one of them. There is only one test left – a test of purity of your thoughts and soul and your readiness for any hardships. Will you become a servant of good?
Face the fear, strictly 12+
You are the best team of exorcists in town. People seek your help when there is no hope left. But this case… It seems the demon that possessed this young girl is too strong. Many attempted to fight it for her poor soul, but the result was the same: they were all dead in exactly one hour. Are you ready to challenge the forces of evil?
Prevent the ancient ritual
The struggle between vampires and people is as old as the world itself, but it seems that the balance of powers will soon be destroyed. The decisive battle is coming up, and you will have to play the key role in it as a vampire hunter. The enemy is preparing an ancient ritual of bringing a primal vampire, a horrible monster who once the initial reason for the standoff, back to life. The dreadful event is about to take place, but you are still able to prevent it!
Dispel the myth
An old legend says that room 1408 in a town hotel is cursed. Behind the door you can hear strange sounds, disturbing scratches, and shouts from this room frighten residents at night. The last lodgers have suddenly disappeared, and since then nobody had settled in room 1408. But your team doesn't believe in supernatural forces and going to dispel this silly myth.
Fantasy adventure
Celts once lived on this land in harmony with nature. The Druids stood out amongst them — being spiritual conduits, priests and mages. They commanded the elements and possessed a powerful artifact imbued with the energy of the Sun. Wielding no weapons, with magic alone, they managed to put up strong resistance to the invaders coming from the north of England. But their fall was inevitable. The locals were forced to leave their homes. The sacred Sun Stone was destroyed, and a horrible curse was cast on the house it was kept in. Since then, everyone who enters the house looking for shelter will get out alive only if they perform a special ritual and reunite the artifact.
Very realistic and immersive
Matilda's dreams are always happy and cheerful, but this time something went wrong. Thousands of fantasies, riddles and illusions got mixed up in a mysterious and unpredictable knot, and you are trapped right in the middle of it! Become a part of an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists, unique tasks and unusual riddles. Carefully designed setting, light and sound effects create a truly immersive atmosphere providing experience that will be difficult to forget.
Get rid of the nightmare
Your childhood friend used to have nightmares. With the help of a magic talisman she found a way to protect herself, but one day the talisman disappeared and her nightmares returned. You have one hour do get rid of these dreams once and for all. What will you do when horror and reality become one?