Chicago, the 20s
Chicago, 20's, Prohibition. Mafia clans divide the city. You are members of one of these gangs, now catched by powerful mob family of Don Iscapone. So, the cement shoes are ready for you, Don Iscapone love to watch the bubbles over the Chicago river…
For 2 teams
This is a new type of quest — confrontation! A team game where you fight not with a timer but with each other. You will feel yourself to be a real Olympic athlete (although without any physical exertion). The prize for victory — the title of champion!
Finish the work of his life
France, 18th century. The streets are filled with the aromas of fine perfumes and the stench of sewage. The figure of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, one of the most talented and most disgusting people of that time, is equally contradictory. He put all his heart into working on an unparalleled perfume – the one that could make people fall in love or get crazy, the one that could bend crowds to his will. Nothing could stop him on this way to his goal – even murder! When Grenouille collected all ingredients and almost reached his success, he was arrested. The great perfumer understood that this was inevitable, and asked you to finish the work of his life. Rush to his shop and get your hands on the all-mighty perfume before the police finds it! We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes on this quest.
Finally! You have found it! You've been looking for this laboratory since the day when the first zombies tore the people of London, San Francisco and Tokyo to pieces. Hundreds of hours on the road. Stimulators boiling in your blood. Constant lack of medicines, food and ammunition. Your fingers aching on the trigger of your machine gun. And finally, you are standing in front of the secret door. They say the professor managed to develop a vaccine to stop zombie epidemics. Let's hope it is not an urban legend. Let's hope there are no zombies inside. I believe in you, soldiers – the whole humankind does. Let's go! It's time to enter the lab and get a chance for the humanity to live!
The walls of this cellar remember the horrors, which are not supposed to be mentioned in public. The most sophisticated sadists make their orgies here. And you are their victim. Someone paid a great sum of money to have pleasure to watch your tortures. It's time to get out!
Post-apocalyptic theme
An asylum of a stalker, where the team of researchers were trying to hide from radioactive dump, turned out to be a trap. But where is stalker itself and what happened to this place? Try to find out what secrets are kept in this lab and also do your best to escape from this place alive.
Special agents
Special agents are ever vigilant of the terrorist threat. You are in one of the units. But where are all the agents? To figure that out you will need to retrace their steps in an investigation and finish the job. You are the last hope. Can you save the city in 60 minutes?
Born in USSR
Secret engineering bureau in a small soviet town. All in all it rather sweet here- nostalgia gives creeps everyone who was born in USSR. Could the inventors of this bureau think that one day this place will become a trap for you? Get out of here as soon as possible or…
Zombie apocalypse
The long-awaited zombie apocalypse is here, and there is only one hope of survival: a small lab where a genius scientist is about to create a super-vaccine. Unfortunately, he is lost, and you are infected. You have one hour to save yourself and the humanity.
New York 30'
New York 30' prohibition. Mafia clans divide the city. You are budding ambitious gangsters and came to the secret bar to take away owed you money. But something went wrong: butleggers disappeared and someone squealed about you to cops.
At the beginning the children started to disappear. Then your friends began to vanish one by one. It is time to finish with it and you'd better hurry up till there would be hundreds of bloody murders. You should dive into collective dream and appear in a house of a last victim of a bloody Freddy. Can you get over your nightmare and kill the villain?
Post-apocalyptic theme
You are in a No Man's Land. There are only unknown artifacts and scientific devices. Every step could be your last. The only people who exist here are called 'Stalkers' — desperate lunatics looking for worthless objects with the hope of obtaining a better future. Here you will feel what it means to live in an industrial disaster zone, where it is necessary to use stray objects to survive. The challenge is to find the most valuable artifact!