Escape from the virtual reality
Escape Room Story: Welcome to the real world! Here mankind has been subjugated by the machines for a long time and reality is nothing but a program. An error occurs in the algorithm and you find yourself in an unusual, and precarious, section of the code. In an hour the computer will erase it and you will disappear. Will you be able to overcome artificial intelligence and escape from the virtual reality?
Fix the ship and reach the destination safe
Who expected that a planned flight to Aldebaran could be a fatal one? You were planning to sleep in anabiosis for a while, but this time you have no time to relax. A strange form of life is found onboard and will block all the utilities in 60 minutes. Use your time to fix the space ship and reach the point of destination in safe.
Prove that you the chosen ones
Congratulations, you have been chosen! The aliens have been looking over the Earth and making selection among people for a long time. The space selectors are only interested in the chosen ones that have certain biological parameters. And you are one of them! Try to feel lucky, because the other representatives of our race are about to be destroyed and replaced by a better species that will be created with your help. That is why you have been abducted to an alien base. Stop the aliens and don't let the humanity die. Prove that you are really the chosen ones.
Steal the secret of Visconti's success
Some people do not trust their secrets no paper, no computers, let alone other people. Mario Visconti is just one of them. To steal the secret of his success, it is necessary to get through a dream in his subconsciousness. However, this is not an easy task. Visconti is able to build a defense. He will actively resist and stand in your way all sorts of obstacles and puzzles. If an hour not get out of this labyrinth, you will remain forever wander in the subconscious of another person.
Stop the epidemics, save the mankind
In the not so distant future a viral epidemics puts human civilization at risk of extinction. To save the mankind, a group of enthusiastic scientists has to find a trial vaccine in an uncared laboratory.
What should you do?
You are a team of volunteers and you need to deliver some products to a genial, but insane scientist. He lives alone outside of the city and tries to establish connection with the representatives of other civilizations. However, you cannot find the master of the house and it seems like here is someone else. An alien. And he is obviously hostile. Now you need to decide what to do and how to open the door.
Become the hero for the universe
The inter-dimensional gateway opens every five thousand years and the forces of darkness attempt to penetrate our reality to destroy it. The Earth will stop existing in 60 minutes. The Universe needs heroes capable of fighting the evil. You are the only ones to stop the Earth and the mankind. In order to win, you must collect four elements and put them together with the mysterious fifth element…
Stop the occult ritual
Together with a group of researchers you enter the mysterious Wolfstein bunker. You are the first people to see it in over seventy years. In 1943 Anenerbe, the occult division of SS performed here a ritual to secure world domination of the Third Reich. But the experiment got out of control, and the time in the bunker was frozen. Your task is to find and assemble an ancient artifact that can stop the ritual. Otherwise you will be thrown back to 1943, and God only knows what will emerge from the bunker in our timeline…
Fantastic and high-tech adventure in the near future
It is the year 2020. In the place where an alien spaceship crashed, a mysterious artifact was found — Tesseract. For several years the best minds of mankind studied its features, but one critical experiment ended in failure — Tesseract began to absorb energy around itself, and no one has been able to stop the process. Scientists are preparing to destroy the artifact in order to save the planet. But special services have other plans. They have hired you to steal the artifact from its laboratory in one hour before the lab self-destructs.
Finish the legendary experiment
The confidential discovery which was made by scientists of the Soviet laboratory in the 90s generated many questions which have still no answers on it. The experiment was close to be accomplished untill the western intelligence services interfere. 20 years have passed, and today you have a chance to lift a veil of mystery, recover laboratory and finish the experiment. Can you accomplish the thing that the most ingenious minds of our mankind worked at within an hour?
Prove that you are professionals, save the city
You are a group of experts on opening locks. Today you've received an unexpected, but rather routine task. A door in the Cold War shelter jammed. Major Letov met you at the reserve entrance to the bunker, instructed, and locked for safety. It is still a military facility. Everything went according to the plan, but while you were busy with the repair, everything on the surface suddenly began to fall into mold and white honey. There was a pure horror and moral terror on the streets, zombies wander around as the entire divisions. The city will be completely destroyed after one hour, only you can rescue the city!
Very realistic space adventure
Spaceship crew is welcoming you onboard and wishes you to have a pleasant flight! But wait, a flawless artificial intellect manages the spaceship and you can`t find the crew anywhere onboard. However, it has appeared that even a perfect machine can crash, and it is happening right now. Self-destruction system is on launch and it is be better not to know what will happen in 60 minutes if you will not change the situation for the better. All exits are blocked and you have to do all your best to get out of here alive and safe.