Operation Commando
Room Legend: The game takes place in the 1970s in some African country. As a result of takeover power was seized by the eccentric bloody dictator, the prototype of which is the President of Uganda named Idi Amin Dada (hereinafter - simply Amin). The Dictator is deeply guilty towards all the civilized mankind. Here is a selective list of his evil deeds: 1) financing of terrorism; (2) mass killings of political opponents and peaceful inhabitants; 3) passion for cannibalism; 4) assigning himself a title of "the King of Scotland" and "the Enslaver of the British Empire". Players - a small group of elite forces ("commando"), who must penetrate into the secret asylum of the dictator and plant the bomb in his office. Distinctive features of this quest: 1. The combination of the African entourage and the magic of voodoo with an action about special forces. 2. Large number of "crawling" and "climbing" tasks, because, as it is well known, that the favourite activity of the true Commandos is a journey though ventilation. Lasertag equipment is used in this ER. Actor can be added into the room
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