Room Legend: France, 18th century. The streets are filled with the aromas of fine perfumes and the stench of sewage. The figure of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, one of the most talented and most disgusting people of that time, is equally contradictory. He put all his heart into working on an unparalleled perfume – the one that could make people fall in love or get crazy, the one that could bend crowds to his will. Nothing could stop him on this way to his goal – even murder! When Grenouille collected all ingredients and almost reached his success, he was arrested. The great perfumer understood that this was inevitable, and asked you to finish the work of his life. Rush to his shop and get your hands on the all-mighty perfume before the police finds it! We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes on this quest. List of supply (what is included in price): 1) Scenario + technical documentation + basic engineering 2) Audio Track 3) working drawings and design of the room, designed to suit individual customer needs. 4) All the furniture, puzzles, props, players equipment 5) Accessories: Automatic control panel, speakers, cameras. 6) Smell
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