The Curse of the Druids
Room Legend: Celts once lived on this land in harmony with nature. The Druids stood out amongst them — being spiritual conduits, priests and mages. They commanded the elements and possessed a powerful artifact imbued with the energy of the Sun. Wielding no weapons, with magic alone, they managed to put up strong resistance to the invaders coming from the north of England. But their fall was inevitable. The locals were forced to leave their homes. The sacred Sun Stone was destroyed, and a horrible curse was cast on the house it was kept in. Since then, everyone who enters the house looking for shelter will get out alive only if they perform a special ritual and reunite the artifact. List of supply (what is included in price): 1) Scenario + technical documentation + basic engineering 2) Audio Track 3) working drawings and design of the room, designed to suit individual customer needs. 4) All the furniture, puzzles, props, players equipment 5) Accessories: Automatic control panel, speakers, cameras. 6) Smell
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