The Secrets of the Projector Room
Room Legend: It seems we were able to establish the cause of increased magnetic activity in one of the halls of the local cinema. During the investigation it became known that there is a powerful source of magnetic radiation in the projection room. Prime suspect is the projectionist. Authorities are monitoring him for a long time already: he is registered in the psychiatric clinic and at moments of acute fancies considers himself a Sith, a follower of the great Darth Vader. You can expect anything from such person. It is time for you to go on the operational mission. But be careful, remaining in the zone of intense radiation over an hour is very dangerous! So it is necessary to neutralize the source as soon as possible. List of supply (what is included in price): 1) Scenario + technical documentation + basic engineering 2) Audio Track 3) working drawings and design of the room, designed to suit individual customer needs. 4) All the furniture, puzzles, props, players equipment 5) Accessories: Automatic control panel, speakers, cameras. 6) Smell
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