The Shaolin Monastery
Room Legend: At the turn of the twentieth century, mankind lost the spiritual dimension. Wars, diseases and famine befell the planet and the world sank into darkness… According to an ancient Tibetan prophecy, the root of all evil is the magic Ball of Piece having been stolen from a secret Shaolin Monastery. Chinese Triad leaders captured the artifact, and a team of the strongest, most skillful and wise fighters set out on a search for it. The team managed to kill the Triad head and to intercept the ball after searching for a long time. What is left to do is to bring it back where it belongs. You will have exactly 60 minutes to pass all the proof tests and escape the bloody revenge of the Triad following into your footsteps! List of supply (what is included in price): 1) Scenario + technical documentation + basic engineering 2) Audio Track 3) working drawings and design of the room, designed to suit individual customer needs. 4) All the furniture, puzzles, props, players equipment 5) Accessories: Automatic control panel, speakers, cameras. 6) Smell
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