Twin Peaks
Buy Twin Peaks Escape Room! Unique scenario based on popular TV series! About room: A highly atmospheric Twin Peaks escape room based on a cult TV series. Those who didn’t see, may have heard about it, so a huge interest in the adventure is guaranteed. Considering the army of its fans, the number of people willing to participate in it will be great. It will be liked just as much, and for the same reason, as Twin Peaks itself was once- a highly successful combination of an intricate detective story and mystery. It is a low cost escape room that requires only a room to be furnished. High ceiling is the only prerequisite. Players will have to solve 11 puzzles just like in a real detective story. The puzzles are easy to crack even by the newbies. That doesn’t mean the experienced players will fail to find it interesting: wow effect, realistic decorations, atmosphere of Twin Peaks and a well-thought plot will make it. A steady flow of visitors and positive comments, instead of paid advertising, are guaranteed.
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