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Here you can find samples what we can make for you

    A suitcase with a red button

    Nuclear suitcase
  • NNH_2452

    Explosive box

    Decorative military box of grenades
  • 2016-02-05 22-26-14

    Passage hidden behind the pictures

    A full-length painting, when carefully studied, opens with a key and shows a hidden passage
  • NNH_2451

    Pistol with the aim

    You need to point the gun at the target and make a shot.
  • s1

    Silicone heart – medium

    Anatomical silicone heart – universal props, original souvenir, props for performances. Is a size of a fist. Made of a hypoallergenic (medical) silicone. Silicone lasts virtually forever – does not deteriorate over time, does not dry out, does not lose its shape and color. It is very durable – hard to break. Easily cut with sharp objects. Artificial blood included. Shelf life – unlimited.
    $136 $135
  • NNH_2479

    Table with coded lock

    The desired code is determined by sound signals
  • NNH_2447

    The old phone you need to call

    Dialing a phone number and playing a hint
  • DSC00983

    Tiles with heating

    Some tiles are warmer than others, the order of numbers should be determined by the colors of objects in another room
  • NNH_2461


    You have to type a secret phrase on an old typewriter
  • NNH_2480

    Wall with bricks

    When you click on the desired bricks, one of them falls out of the wall
  • __1

    Finger with chip

    Very realistic silicone finger with a built-in chip
  • 22

    Rotary dial phone with audio hint

    Retro rotary dial phone. An audio-hint is played if players dial the correct number. Upon request: hint in other foreign languages.
  • blood

    Artificial blood

    Realistic artificial blood.

  • qqq

    Quest decorations

    Decorations of any level of difficulty and made of various materials.
  • orc

    Latex orc mask

    Made of latex. Minimum mimic transfer.  
  • 68eb0c98ec0699ef6996e5d014c7d517


    High-quality cryptex for your quests.
  • worms

    Silicone worms 10 pcs

    Lot of 10 various worms.
  • mask

    Quest masks

    Silicone masks.
  • codepan

    Code panel

    Electronic code panel.
  • barrier

    Sensor: Invisible barrier

    Perfect there, where you need to implement some kind of invisible barrier or an alarm system. This sensor is built into an object or is placed on your location Thanks to the simple connection procedure you may increase the number of sensors any time you wish. Supply kit includes only the sensor itself.
  • hellish

    Hellish honk

    Do you wish to have something, which is as horrifying as a chainsaw? Try our hellish honk! The power of a real train honk in your hands will scare anyone! The price is indicated for the basic kit: train honk, flashlight, battery and simple frame. The honk on the photo is for demonstration purpose only – it was a special order from one of our clients.
  • silic1

    Silicone props

    Very realistic silicone props. We are able to make any body part you need. Please contact our managers to obtain any additional information.
  • fear

    Fear photo-system

    Scare your guests and make a photo at the moment, when they are scared the most! Your logo may be placed on the photographs. Publish there vivid photos in social networks to attract new customers. Print the photos and hand them to your clients after the game! The kit includes the programmed controller with a special module to manage the camera, along with the activation sensor.

    Wooden fifteen-puzzle

    Classic 15-game, made of wood. You should chose any pictures.
  • chair

    DIY: Electric chair

    Sometimes players need to be sacrificed! Our electric chair perfectly suits this purpose. A players needs to seat on the chair and place his hands onto the special metal semi-spheres. Other players or an actor secure the player and pull the lever. This time appears electrical discharge above his head and then smoke comes out. Updated version includes the two electric crackers. The kit includes everything to create an “electric chair” besides the chair itself.
  • silic

    Silicone arms or feet

    Silicone props for horror or related escape rooms.
  • knock

    Creepy knock

    Creepy knocks on the door are guaranteed to scare your players. Add some blood curdling screams to it and players will be sure that there is some maniac, killing his victim right behind the door.

    Connect the jacks

    Complete puzzle for your ER. You need to connect wires of different colors.
  • flashlighy

    Flashlight from hell

    A unique prop for your performance or quest – flashlight that changes its light’s colour and may unexpectedly switch off all bu itself. By using the switch you may remotely turn the flashlight on and off, make it flash, vibrate, change colour! Just imagine that you send players to a dark room with the only flashlight and it suddenly starts flashing, and then turns off, leaving them in a complete darkness… or changes the light colour to bloody red when they reach the killer’s lair.
  • kitchen

    Poltergeist on the kitchen

    One more simple and effective jump scare. Attach to this hanger anything you like: pans, cooking pots, instrument, arms, body parts, cut off heads… virtually anything! Upon activation the hanger will start to shake, making loud noises.
  • wiring

    Bad wiring

    The lamp chaotically blinks, creating a realistic feel that something must be wrong with the wiring.
  • smoke

    Smoke generator with heating control

    Smoke generators with heating control, designed especially for horror quests. Unlike standard smoke machines they have a built-in controller, which always keeps generator in the ready state. Thanks to this, such smoke generators are able to release smoke in that exact moment, when you need it to do that.
  • shcircuit

    Short circuit

    “Short circuit” is ideal both for horror and for classic escape rooms. Players need to plug-in a male plug, two nails or any appliance (blow dryer, microwave) into the socket – and at this exact moment the light goes off and players see and hear the short circuit (typical loud sound, sparks), a door opens. Players get the complete feeling that they “broke” the quest!
  • ghost


    Special system, creating a great illusion of a real ghost in you premise! To use the device you need to purchase a video projector and an acoustic system.
  • snake

    Snake pit

    Very scary and non-expensive horror equipment! Realistic snake pit is full of twining and hissing snakes. Thin silicone pipes twine like real and may “attack” players’ feet, causing the bodily fear to be bitten…
  • monstr

    Monster in the box

    Creepy monster in a huge box. Unexpensive and extremely effective!
  • audio

    Audio support

    Set of devices and wires to provide complete audio support to your escape rooms.
  • tyr

    Laser range

    Laser shooting range.
  • 5977a824c9725ced9ec323c27d68a5bb

    Pot with sensor

    Skull-shaped pot with sensor.
  • real-life-room-escape-game-prop-TAKAGISM-game-Horrible-phone-call-dial-right-password-open-light.jpg_200x200

    Phone opening lock

    Phone with a mechanism to open a specific lock.
  • Q2cCzuwOETU

    Bomb with countdown

    Realistic bomb with wires, code panel and display. There are 3 pairs of wires. Time is accelerating, instant loss and winnings. Timer for 60 minutes
  • z1

    Zombie-draugr mask

    Latex mask.
  • Limbs


    Various human body limbs made out of silicone
  • woun

    Silicone wounds

    Realistic! More available upon request.
  • latears

    Latex ears – 1 pair

    Standard latex ears. Great for orcs, elves and many-many other creatures.
  • blblbl

    Fake blood

    Fake blood 100ml.
  • bomb


    Bomb with wires and blinking LEDs. More info upon request.
  • s772587210271668189_p110_i1_w1302

    Put an object to its place

    НReady puzzle with instructions. May be modified upon customer request. We can integrate electronics into any subject secretly
  • keyboard

    “Chaos” code keyboard

    “Chaos” code keyboard is used to enter passwords. Unlike a standard keyboard – all keys here are mixed, some of them are upside down. The number of symbols to be entered is unlimited. After players enter the correct password – the relay turns on/off and/or the 4-digit code is displayed on the indicator (if needed). The reset is performed by any key that does not represent a symbol from the password. The price depends on the supply kit and software complexity.
  • broken

    Broken power panel

    This regular power panel just hangs on the wall, but suddenly its door opens and players hear extremely loud electric pops and claps. The door slams like crazy, sparks everywhere – a living hell! Next everything unexpectedly calms down and starts waiting for a new victim…
  • closet

    Poltergeist in the bookshelf

    Books in the bookshelf start moving altogether! The prop is supplied assembles with the bookcase/shelf, but without books! Cost of one shelf – 499 USD.